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Andy Whitworth of Kinetic Solutions Group joins future transport advisory boards

Andy Whitworth, Deputy Chairman of Kinetic Solutions Group, is joining the board of advisors of urban.MASS and Urban-Air Port.

16th January 2024

Andy Whitworth, Deputy Chairman of Kinetic Solutions Group, is joining the board of advisors of urban.MASS and Urban-Air Port

Andy is one of the founders of the Kinetic Solutions Group, a business that solves complex kinetic engineering challenges for demanding applications. He will now support the urban.MASS and Urban-Air Port teams, guiding them in their next phases of design and development.

Photo: Andy Whitworth, Kinetic Solutions Group (centre) with Andrea Wu, Urban-Air Port (left) and Clive West, Dominos Pizza (right) at the launch of Air One in Coventry.

He has led iconic and ground-breaking moving structures such as the two concertina roofs at Wimbledon, and the world-first dividing retractable pitch at Tottenham Hotspur. He has also developed handling solutions for safety-critical sectors such as aerospace, defence, energy, manufacturing and construction.

More recently, he has worked with both urban.MASS and Urban-Air Port to help create and guide the all-important automated mechanical interfaces between physical infrastructure, new transport solutions, the digital environment and people.

Speaking about his new role as advisor to both businesses, Andy explains:

“The opportunity to be at the cutting edge of motive technology and to help steer the team in delivering their vision for transportation systems for the future, is extremely exciting. It will draw on the unique knowledge I’ve been fortunate to garner over the last four decades.

“Reliable and cleverly integrated electro-mechanical solutions are at the forefront of many industries and will continue to be a vital component in unlocking and ensuring new transport systems for a greener future.”

urban.MASS has created a new form of driverless, connected and shared mobility. Floc Duo Rail is a revolutionary transportation system that can be rapidly deployed. It also delivers greater economy and is fully scalable and flexible. It gives cities a sustainable and safe next step to a game-changing mass transportation system.

Urban-Air Port enables advanced air mobility through the design, manufacture and operation of ground, air and digital infrastructure. It creates an environment in which new air transport technologies can be deployed and managed safely, even in congested city locations.

These innovative businesses are led by equally visionary individuals – Ricky Sandhu, Co-Founder and Chairman of urban.MASS, and Andrea Wu, Chief Executive Officer at Urban-Air Port.

They are committed to driving forward the reality of mass urban transport, by ground and by air, along with the environmental, commercial, and social benefits that it will bring. They have also both expressed their delight at having Andy join their boards.

Ricky says:

“It’s great to have Andy on board; he is highly skilled in material handling and moving structures, both of which are critical to our technologies. From Royal Navy aircraft carriers to retractable roofs at Wimbledon, his experience will be invaluable to the business as we continue to push for a more seamless and sustainable future.”

Andrea adds:

“Andy’s unique and in-depth knowledge of all motive technologies, in-house manufacturing processes, cost drivers, installation methodologies, and timescales – combined with a wealth of successful projects behind him – makes him one of the leading authorities on bespoke moving structures.”

About Kinetic Solutions Group

The Kinetic Solutions Group solves complex kinetic engineering challenges for demanding applications.

Together, we combine agility, exceptional communication and wide technical expertise to ensure your project gets moving and stays moving.

The company’s 30 years of experience includes projects for Sellafield, Magnox, AWE, UK Ministry of Defence, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Tottenham Hotspur FC, the All England Lawn Tennis Club, and Network Rail.

Kinetic Solutions Group has won widespread acclaim for engineering and building the iconic concertina roofs over Centre Court and No.1 Court at Wimbledon, and the world-first dividing retractable football pitch at Tottenham Hotspur.